Image of Viviane Sassen - Of Mud and Lotus (SIGNED)

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Viviane Sassen - Of Mud and Lotus (SIGNED)


This new work is focusing on artist’s attention for female power and with collages and unique handcoloured pieces, Sassen creates images in which abstraction andperformance intertwine. In this evocative and imaginary realm of intense colour and textures, the imagery is rich with associative references that allow for layered readings and responses. Her new works also include seemingly abstract compositions: mundane objects and apparently incidental motifs are transformed with collage, filters and streaks of pigment to the point of where their original forms lie unrecognizable below Sassen’s interventions.

After the success of the former publication “Lexicon” in collaboration with artbeat publishers, this is the second “Japanese photo book” the artist has published. With the delicate embroidery on the cover, the book design represents Sassen’s aesthetic eye on the world.

Title: Of Mud and Lotus
Publisher: Artbeat Publishers, 2017
Author: Viviane Sassen, Shigeo Goto, Sawako Fukai
Photographer: Viviane Sassen
Graphic Design: Yoshihisa Tanaka
Format: Hardcover
Size: 28.7 x 23.2 cm, 108 pages
Edition: 1000 copies