Image of Mari Katayama - Un certain Desordre (signed)

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Mari Katayama - Un certain Desordre (signed)


“Mari Katayama (born in 1987 in Saitama, Japan) explores the flaws in her own body to sublimate its beauty. In her poetic work, she presents her physical handicap in a disturbing way and transforms the prostheses she makes herself into real objects of experimentation. Suffering from tibial hemimelia, a rare congenital disease, Mari Katayama chose to have her legs amputated at the age of nine. Initiated to sewing by her grandmother, Mari Katayama creates phantasmagorical cocoons for her limbs and transcends her condition in photographic self-portraits revealing a disturbing beauty.” Sophie Bernard, from the catalogue Souvenirs de Voyage, Antoine de Galbert collection (Musée de Grenoble)