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New York city mid 2000s From the margins of New York City comes a collection of once-forgotten and never before seen work by legendary street photographer, Boogie. Designed by Igor Milanovic and edited by Pouria Khojastehpay, this 216-page hardcover book portrays the raw and uncensored life lived beneath the glow of the neon skyline of 2000's era New York. Bold and vivid, the black and white images of NYC's up-and-coming gangsters down and out addicts hit you in the face like a brick of cold concrete. Wild smiles and cocked revolvers gleam in the flickering fluorescent-lit hallways of the projects as you're taken by the hand through New York City's hustling underbelly by Serbian-born Vladimir ''Boogie'' Milivojevich.

''...In the beginning, there’s this distance between you and them… but eventually, the lines blur. It becomes your life. Then It takes over. It’s so hard to snap out of it, man. So hard...''

June 2023
First Edition of 550
Duotone printed with black and PANTONE Cool Gray 7 C
216 pages, 136 images
Dimensions: 27 x 20 cm
ISBN: 978-90-833080-5-0