Image of La Défense by Ecraz

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La Défense by Ecraz


This book retraces two years of research and painting sessions in the immense concrete mass called La Défense, in Paris.

Blending the different atmospheres emanating from the different places. From the light of the surface of the slab, dotted with skyscrapers and pedestrian bridges, to the dirty tunnels, car park entrances, technical galleries and other dark corners.
The book is packed with photos that capture the essence of La Défense, as well as graffiti done during the author's explorations, alone or sometimes accompanied. It comes with a few texts, including contributions from Sino, Shuck2, Pense, Lyzm, Seism and Toile, who all wrote something about this area of Paris.

Language : French


Publisher : Self-published

Edition of 500 copies