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  • Image of DATA 022 : IKARUGA
  • Image of DATA 022 : IKARUGA
  • Image of DATA 022 : IKARUGA



Unlike its spiritual predecessor, RADIANT SILVERGUN, the music of IKARUGA is intense, compact and relentless in its focused energy. Steeped in dramatic tension and propelled by frenetic synths, this sublime score, composed by Hiroshi Iuchi (who also directed the game) perfectly encapsulates the meticulous design and demanding nature of this most revered of shooters.

IKARUGA is presented as a 180g vinyl LP, carefully remastered and packed into a heavyweight matt laminated sleeve. It is accompanied by four lithographic prints of beautiful illustrations by Yasushi Suzuki and an obi strip. Available in the following editions:

180g Clear with Black & White Splatter (Limited Edition)

A1. Cirrus (Prologue)
A2. Ideal (Chapter 1)
A3. Butsutekkai (Boss 1)
A4. Trial (Chapter 2)
A5. Recapture (Boss 2)
A6. Faith (Chapter 3)
B1. Reality (Chapter 4)
B2. Metempsychosis (Final Chapter)
B3. The Stone-Like (Final Chapter)
B4. Spirit Being (Epilogue)