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  • Image of Banksy’s ‘Peckham Rock
  • Image of Banksy’s ‘Peckham Rock

Banksy’s ‘Peckham Rock


A wooden postcard of Banksy’s ‘Peckham Rock’ wall art, authorized by Pest Control/ Banksy for the British Museum as part of the iObject exhibition.

Very unique pieces of art from Banksy with the British Museum, this by its own history and the theme itself chosen by Banksy about it.

Printed with the Courtesy of Pest Control Office of Banksy tag on the verso.

Released for the opening of the I Object exhibition sold for a limited time only, rapidly sold out.

Banksy’s ‘Peckham Rock' is a real fantastic art piece wooden replica from the British Museum in London, of concrete showing a supposed prehistoric figure pushing a shopping trolley. This was placed in The British Museum in 2005, accompanied by an authentic looking information label and was there for three days before anyone realized something was amiss.
The reverse of the original replicas have a copy of the text that was originally placed with the wall art by Banksy.
Banksy belongs to the same street art movement than: Rero, Shepard Fairey "Obey Giant", Whatshisname, Nomen, Jef Aérosol, JR, Imbue, Swoon, Christian Guemy C215, Speedy Graphito, Vhils, Ernest Pignon-Ernest, Martin Whatson, Orlinski, Dran, Kaws, D Face, etc.