Image of ALL GONE 2018 "The World is Yours" Water Diamonds (LAST ONE)

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ALL GONE 2018 "The World is Yours" Water Diamonds (LAST ONE)

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Here comes the new ALL GONE BOOK, 2018 edition, published by La MJC.

All Gone documents the most sought after street culture items, every year, since 2006.

All Gone's 2018 is called "The World is Yours" and pays homage to one of the greatest objects of all time, the vintage world map. The covers reference Street Culture's undeniable influence on culture today; it has reached such a level in past years that it has clearly redefined a new world order. In three decades, Street Culture has rejected the rules that threatened to hinder it and managed to free itself completely at all levels of today's society. It has extracted itself from the limits that once confined it to the periphery, and has found constant stimulation in ceaseless creativity. Street Culture has finally earned its right to cross the threshold of worldwide recognition - an achievement few would have believed only 10 years ago.

Another time, La MJC's founder Michael Dupouy joined forces with super talented French illustrator Yoann Houlbert to create unique, hand-draw artwork. The result is absolutely stunning and if you know Michael at all, you will smile looking at it while recognizing many details, characters, animals and sentences that define him and his story.

This year mark 13 years of making the All Gone Book.