Image of ALEXANDRA LEESE , Year of the Dragon 24 Calendar - signed - only 1

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ALEXANDRA LEESE , Year of the Dragon 24 Calendar - signed - only 1


We asked 13 women, from different cultures that honour and celebrate The Year Of The Dragon, to be photographed for a modern, bold and feminine take on the traditional erotic calendar.

Each woman was chosen for her spirit to represent a facet of womanhood and a shared quality of the Dragon. Playful, wild, sacred, iridescent and unstoppable. This calendar is a celebration of culture, beauty and the divine power of female sexuality. A series of images for women, by women, to be enjoyed by everyone.

A special Lunisolar calendar, created to be adaptable to the user, and relevant to all territories. Thoughtfully designed by Jonny Lu Studio: recognisable tropes are balanced in the calendar’s ultimately new-fangled execution. Loose pages can be organised and reinterpreted by the user as they wish. Months can be installed into the card frame and hung on the wall, posters can be pulled out and enjoyed as singular images or the calendar can be digested as a book.

Just like the dragon, the calendar is boundless, old and new, quick witted and changeable.

Talent include the below names:

Kiko Mizuhara, Beababadoo, Xiao Qiao, Anna Uchiyama, John Yuyi, Xoài Pham, Faye Hu, Chun Jin, Jewel Yang, Yuki, Erika Kamano, Minami Gessel, Yumi Carter

Photographer + Creative Director Alexandra Leese
Creative Director Nellie Eden

Art Direction Jonny Lu Studio

Stylist Georgia Pendlebury
Set Designer Danny Hyland
Casting Director Good Catch
Make Up Artist Ana Takahashi
Hair Artist Kei Terada
Hair Artist Kota Suizu

Nail Artist Yuika Yonehara
Production Company LG Studio

Lunisolar calendar celebrating the Year of the Dragon,
featuring photographs by Alexander Leese.
Housed in a custom foiled Envelope, containing:
– Unbound booklet of 13 months, printed cmyk on
Claro Gloss, 200 gsm (180 x 260mm)
– Foldout double sided poster, printed cmyk and
monotone on Astralux, 90 gsm (560 x 700mm)
- Custom frame to display each month printed 2
pantone on Tusk kraft paper, 280gsm (290 x 596mm)