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Here comes the new ALL GONE BOOK, 2019 edition, published by La MJC.

All Gone documents the most sought after street culture items, every year, since 2006.

For this new edition, La MJC's founder Michael Dupouy joined forces with the fantastic and mega talented Nina Chanel Abney. The Chicago based artist created a unique stunning artwork for All Gone, in both sand and black colorways.

All Gone's 2019 is called "I want your love": "When I discovered the magical visuals that Nina has created exclusively for this new opus, I immediately thought of a song tinged with love that accompanied me during my youth.Thus was born the name of the new All Gone, a tribute to Nile Rodger's band Chic and its magical disco song "I want your love", the author said.

The new publication is both a love letter for this culture that allowed me Michael to become who he is, nd an ode to the quest for love started almost three decades ago by this same culture, that sought to conquer the heart of this world. A mission masterfully accomplished: street culture has become the number one love of an entire generation, now fully committed to its new identity as the ultimate cultural zeitgeist.

This year mark 14 years of making the All Gone Book!